Time to Sell!
For medical reasons I have come to the place where I need to sell the business. It's very important to me that Abe & Son continue providing the best elk calls in the world, and I am looking for someone with the same passion for it that I have. If that's you, I'd love to talk with you, so give me a call! I would be available to help and mentor during the transition period.

(660) 833-7842

Abe with a 355 P&Y New Mexico bull called in to close range with estrus calls.

Welcome to AbeAndSon.com!

Abe has been calling elk a long time, and he knows how to think like an elk, and how to sound like an elk, not an elk call. Buy the Calling Instructions DVD to learn from Abe and benefit from his years of experience.

If you want to purchase Abe and Son replacement parts you can go directly to the online store by clicking here.

You can contact Abe by email here. If you'd like to read more on what Abe has been up to, visit the About page.

There is latex installation and call assembly information, including a video tutorial on the Support page.

Happy hunting, Abe